How to Uninstall the AVG Program without Any Hassle?

Posted on : 15 December, 2017

Mass number of people use AVG antivirus to protect their PC. But everyone has different requirements according to which they choose the version of the software. If you are using an outdated AVG antivirus or you want to change the version of the software then first you need to uninstall the present AVG version from your computer then only you can proceed to installing other antivirus in your device. If uninstalling the software seems a difficult task to you then you can contact an expert at AVG Help Number UK for proper step by step guidance, although here in this section we are going to explain the process.

There are two different ways of uninstalling the software which are mentioned below, but before we begin, first restart your computer and make sure that there is no AVG updates or tests is running in the background. Once you restart your device, login to your Windows as an administrator and the do as instructed.

To uninstall from the Control Panel

1. Do one of the following as per the version of your Windows:
    • Windows 10- In the search field type Control panel and select it to open it. Go to Programs and then click on Programs and Features.
    • Windows 8- Press Win+X key simultaneously and after that select Programs and Features.
    • Windows XP, Vista and 7- Click the Start button and select the Control Panel. Then click on Programs and Features/Add or Remove Programs.
2. Look for your AVG program in the list and right click it.
3. Select uninstall to open un-installation wizard and then follow the on screen instructions.
4. Once the un-installation process gets complete, restart your computer.

If the above method didn’t work for you, then use AVG Remover tool

• Before you start using this tool please save all your work and document, as the process might restart your device.
• Download the tool from AVG site.
• Run the downloaded file by double clicking on it and then click Continue for accepting the License agreement and privacy policy.

NOTE: AVG removal tool will scan your device to look for all AVG related products and files.

• Select the product that you want to uninstall and then click Remove.
• Click Restart.
• If “Open File Security Warning” dialog box appears, then click Run to complete the un-installation process.
• If needed, restart your device once again.

After the un-installation, you have to install the latest version of the software, otherwise you might land your PC in trouble. If you want, you can take help from antivirus experts by dialing AVG Support Number UK, to download, install and activate the software.